By Jason Shepherd, VP Ecosystem


AI and IoT workloads are increasingly being deployed at the edge for reasons including reducing latency and network bandwidth consumption and ensuring autonomy, security and privacy. To address the associated challenges at scale, technology providers should focus on open infrastructure, orchestration and security tools, with necessarily unique hardware, software and services applied.

The Importance of Orchestration to Accelerate AI and IoT at the Edge

In a perfect world we’d just run the bulk of AI and IoT workloads in the cloud where compute is centralized and readily scalable, however the benefits of centralization must…

By Jason Shepherd, VP Ecosystem and Kathy Giori, Ecosystem Engagement Lead

Image courtesy of Kathy Giori

Ever read about a new technology paradigm that sounds amazing, but that offers so much capability that you’re afraid to open the door and step inside? I’m pleased to announce that ZEDEDA is rolling out a new developer program that aims to make “entering that door” a more welcoming experience. The program will simplify how developers can evaluate ZEDEDA’s commercial orchestration cloud up front, so there’s no need to re-architect their IoT and edge computing solutions for management and security at scale, once past a proof-of-concept (PoC) stage. …

By Seyi Verma, Head of Product Marketing

Today, ZEDEDA announced the support for Kubernetes at the distributed edge. You may be wondering, so what’s new about that? For starters, let’s look at the title of the press release — ZEDEDA Unveils Industry-First Secure Zero Touch Kubernetes Orchestration Solution for the Distributed Edge. Let me explain why it truly is unique for the edge and how it simplifies the deployment of Kubernetes clusters in the field. Let’s rewind a little.

Challenges of Deploying Kubernetes as the Edge

As the number of edge devices grow at a rapid pace, along with the…

by Said Ouissal, CEO and Founder

I’m excited today to announce ZEDEDA’s most recent funding, a $12.5M strategic round led by new investors Rockwell Automation, Juniper Networks, and EDF North America Ventures. Our existing investors Almaz Capital, Energize Ventures, Lux Capital, and HBAM also joined this round, and we are grateful for their continued support and confidence.

This oversubscribed round provides additional confirmation of what we already knew: edge computing is a critical part of the digital transformation strategy within organizations. In fact, edge computing will transform these organizations.

Why do I believe this? As we talk to investors, and…

by Jason Shepherd, VP Ecosystem, ZEDEDA and Governing Board Chair, LF Edge

News of the Verkada hack that breached 150,000 surveillance cameras sent shockwaves through the security world last week. For those of us in the edge computing industry, it simply underscored what we already knew — securing distributed devices is hard. As intelligent systems increasingly expand into the field, we’ll see more and more attacks of this sort if we continue to leverage the same security stance and tools that we’ve used for decades within perimetered locations like data centers and secure telecommunication facilities.

In this article, I will…

by Arti Loftus

This article was originally published on IoT Evolution World and is reprinted with permission.

Billions of electric pumps keep the world moving every day, across every industry where water, oil, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, beverages, and other liquids are processed and carried as part of manufacturing, service delivery, and more.

Last year, Grand View Research published a comprehensive global study of the industrial pump market, forecasting that the overall size will reach just short of 100 billion dollars by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 5.9% …

by Sarah Beaudoin

Today we announced that our industry-first open orchestration solution for distributed edge computing is now fully integrated with the Microsoft Azure IoT platform, enabling organizations with unprecedented ease-of-use, visibility and control for their edge hardware and software at scale.

This integration simplifies deployment and full lifecycle management of Azure IoT solutions at the edge with choice of hardware, including single-click bulk deployment of the Azure IoT Edge Runtime, Azure IoT Edge modules, and any additional apps required for a given use case. …

by Seyi Verma

ZEDEDA’s Open Orchestration Solution for the Distributed Edge

If you’ve ever wondered how open distributed edge orchestration software is implemented in the real world, we’ll show you how during our live webinar tomorrow, Wednesday, February 10.

After more than a year of collaboration with dozens of industrial edge technology and automation companies around the world, we officially introduced the general availability of our orchestration solution built from the ground up for distributed edge computing.

Now, in partnership with PeopleFlo, whose MachineEdge solution for the electrical pump industry is powered by Azure IoT and ZEDEDA, we are truly excited to walk attendees through both a demo…

by Seyi Verma

ZEDEDA’s Open Orchestration Solution for the Distributed Edge

Today marks an important milestone in ZEDEDA’s history, and the evolution of the edge computing — the general availability of the industry’s first open orchestration solution for the distributed edge, which has been deployed for over a year in manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, and retail, in partnership with large, global enterprises including Rockwell Automation, Invenergy, BOBST, PeopleFlo, and Agora.

Together with our customers, partners and the open source community, the ZEDEDA team has tackled great challenges, and driven forward an open orchestration solution designed with the flexibility, security and simplicity required to truly operationalize distributed edge…

by Sarah Beaudoin

Edge computing isn’t a new concept. Forward thinking organizations have been working for the past couple of years to define their edge strategy, realizing the competitive advantage that this can create. And over the past year these efforts have accelerated, driven not just by new technologies but by the pandemic.

The COVID-19 crisis has reverberated around the world, disrupting most, if not all, industries. Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) personnel went from managing more than 365 million desktops within offices in 2019 to supporting more than one billion workers at home. …


Simplify Your Operations with Edge Orchestration

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